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In honour of "Talk like a Pirate!" day, this form will translate any 'real' web page on the internet into 'pirate english'

This was done under our company policy of doing 'kindly' deeds for future customers :-). Curiously enough the pirate version of our own website was more interesting to read than the non pirate version!... see: pirate tranlation of http://netwinsite.com but don't tell our marketing people I said that ok!

p.s. Not all websites will display perfectly, but most will more or less!

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A lovely girl named Alice got an email offering her a free product to enhance the security of her computer. The price was good but she was not stupid and she suspected the person who sent the message was a thief.

A blitheringly lovely lassey named Alice got an email offer'n her a free "Or Cheap!" product t' enhance th' security "blanket" o' her computer. Th' "Ahoy, Me Hearties! " booty be good but she be nay stupid an' she suspected th' swabbie who sent th' message be a horn swoggler.

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If you are feeling particularly 'piratey' you might like to add a pirate search engine to your browser and then set it as the default. To do this in Chrome goto 'Tools/Options/Default Search/Add and use this url. Results can be confusing!


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If you like your own web pages translated why not pop in a 'Translate to Pirate English' button/link (yes that example will work for this page, try it!) the html you need is:

<a href="http://translate-pirate.com/cgi-bin/xlate.cgi?page=YOUR.WEBSITE/index.htm"> Translate to Pirate English</a>

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